Our company is a pioneer manufacturer of plastic multilayer films which are used in many different fields, such as vacuum packaging of food, the medical field and the industrial field.



Company Profile

Head Office 158-89,MorowaKitayama,AichigunTougou-tyou,Aichi 470-0151,Japan
Capital stock 100 Million Yen
Establishment February, 1959
President Shigeki Ohtsuka
Business activity Manufacture of a multilayer tube film
Manufacture of a monolayer tube film
Gravure printing and bag-making processing
Sale of other synthetic resin products
Our main product, the multilayer tube film, is a tubular composite film with 3 to 5 layers. It consists of the combination of several resins, such as nylon and polyethylene. This composite film is used as a packaging material for many preserved foods. Furthermore, this film has unlimited potential. It is used for not only food, but also in a wide range of fields for industrial use including electronic components.
The molding method of the multilayer tube film is generally called the co-extrusion method. The resins with different properties are pushed into a metal mold by different extruders. Then they are laminated into a tubular shape within the metal mold. As it can be molded in a single step without using adhesive, the stability of the product and production efficiency is quite high. It can be said that this manufacturing method of the composite film has a small environmental impact. In addition, it is hygienic because there is no direct contact with the air outside of the tube.
As multiple resins are being laminated, one film can has multiple functions, such as heat resistance, cold resistance and gas barrier by itself. Polyethylene with excellent flexibility and moisture resistance can be thermally bonded with tough, transparent nylon with excellent gas barrier. Therefore, by laminating these, we can provide a wide range of solutions, ranging from food packaging in which transparency and gas barrier are necessary to industrial parts packaging which requires intensity.
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    For food
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    Industrial use
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    For medical treatments
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Our company is developing, manufacturing and selling functional laminated plastic film, applied for wide variety of fields such as vacuum food package,medical and industrial usage.
Since our foundation, we’ve been accumulating technology and know-how to respond flexibly and timely to various needs of the customers.
For the same purpose, we are continuously investing for the manufacturing facilities and development of even more functional and higher value-added products.
We are also considering sincerely about the environment. We’ve got ISO14001 certification for environmental management systems to wrap the future of the earth gently, and to hand it over to the next generation.
In the future, we keep our aggressive stance to explore new opportunities in two ways: cultivating new market with newly developed products and seeking unexploited market for existing products. In other words, we will challenge new markets through both needs and seeds.
With our associates, we will build self-shining MICS CHEMICAL that can contribute to the development of the society by meeting and exceeding the expectations.



158-89,MorowaKitayama,AichigunTougou-tyou,Aichi 470-0151,Japan